Q. When I signed up to receive fare alerts, I thought I'd only be receiving updates about the particular destination I'm interested in. Instead of getting info on flights from Portland to Lihue, I'm getting fares to everywhere else from Portland, and from everywhere else to Lihue. Not useful to me.

Have a somehow subscribed to your service improperly? Please advise.

A. Sounds like you signed up for a Departure CIty alert from Portland, and an Arrival City alert to Lihue, when all you really wanted to sign up for was a City-to-City Alert between Portland and Lihue.

Remember, we have three different types of alerts. The City-to-City is route specific. The Departure City alert, which is a list of all the fares for travel from the chosen city.  The Arrival City alert, which is a list of fares for travel to a chosen city.

You can manage your settings any time on our Update My Account page.  Make sure you hit the "update" button to save any changes.  You can also unsubscribe on that page, should you choose.

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