Q. I used to get Airfarewatchdog fare alerts  to my email. I think I may have accidently sent it to my junk folder. How can I reverse this and start receiving newsletters from you guys again?

A. In order to maintain our reputation as legitimate email in the eyes of all the Gmails, Yahoos, Hotmails, and AOLs of the world (as opposed to spam), we must adhere to strict policy when sending out all of our mailings, newsletters, and fare alerts here at Airfarewatchdog. If you've ever marked any of these items as spam, not only will you cease receiving our fare alerts, but you'll find it impossible to sign yourself up again using the same email address. Yes, a tad frustrating but them's the rules and we must play by them. So how do you get around this? Aside from signing up again under a different email address, you can contact us directly and let us know you'd like to be re-subscribed with your original email address.

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