Q. Your recent article on the Delta/Northwest Frequent Flyer merger leaves out an important point that has not been addressed on the official "good news" announcements. I have lots of NW miles that were earned some time ago. Delta has a mileage expiration policy. NW has not expired any of my earned miles.Is it possible that Northwest WorldPerks Miles older than the Delta expiration period will be automatically expired when transferred to Delta SkyMiles?

A. As you said, Northwest's WorldPerks program currently has a no expiration policy for accrued miles. (Review Managing Miles for their policy). Delta's SkyMiles has a rolling 24-month policy from the last qualifying activity before miles will expire. Once the merger of the two loyalty programs occurs, all SkyMiles rules apply according to Delta's website (Locate the "Delta and Northwest Merger Update" to see their statement).

How will the merger affect you? Delta will, of course, honor all Northwest Miles. Once you have a SkyMiles account, you will be on their 24-month policy. As long at you have a qualifying activity every 24 months, your miles will be safe. A few qualifying activities include flying on Delta or a partner airline, buying or transferring miles, redeeming miles for magazines, and earning miles through Delta's SkyMiles partners.


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