Q.  Your site is great. I'm a huge fan. I was wondering if you knew exactly which airlines currently offer in-flight high speed wireless service? I had this on a recent Virgin America flight, and it was amazing. Which airlines offer this nationally might be of interest to all of your readers.

A.  Funny you should ask!  Our favorite USA Today blogger just got the scoop that Southwest is introducing WiFi access on some of their flights.  The NY Times just named Delta and American as being in the early stages of installation and testing of  this service on their aircraft, and of course as you discovered, Virgin America is also aiming to get service to their fleet as well.  As things stand currently, no domestic carrier has all their flights equipped with WiFi, so it's going to be catch as catch can for awhile.  So, we definitely have mixed feelings about whether this is a good or bad thing.  What do you think?  (Post your comments below.)

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