Q.  I hate the fact that you've included nearby airports in my newsletter.  Scrolling past all those fares that I'll never use is such a pain.  My airport is so much closer and I never use the other ones.  Why would I want to fight traffic and drive another forty-five minutes for a lower fare?  I'd rather pay more for the convenience.  Can't I just have my airport in the newsletter? 

A.  We've included additional airports in our newsletters, because most of our subscribers are primarily interested in saving money.  One of the best ways to do that is to keep an eye on fares from more than one airport.  Also, we might point out that not everyone lives on your block.  A lot of folks actually live in areas that are very convenient for travel to any number of airports and we've tried to accommodate them... and as we pointed out in today's newsletter and blog, the good folks of Cincinnati have actually caused prices to drop at their airport because so many of them were opting to fly from Columbus, Dayton, Lexington and Louisville, all airports that we include in the Cincinnati newsletters!  As for scrolling past fares being a pain... c'mon, does it really hurt?!

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