Q. So, I have a "friend" who recently spent a long weekend in Belize after finding one of those $160 round-trip tickets through Airfarewatchdog late last fall. This friend, who -full disclosure - works at Airfarewatchdog, and happens to love dogs, foolishly posed for a pic alongside a scrappy scabby beach dog. What was my friend thinking? I'm not sure! But after contracting ringworm (in his beard! Eww) my friend has learned his lesson. Now my friend has been prescribed a massive tube of cream that most certainly exceeds 3 ounces. Is this something the TSA will allow in his carry-on for an upcoming flight? Or will my friend have to check it? Should he ask the doctor for tiny sample size tubes?

A. While we're glad you were able to snag one of those great fares to Belize, sorry to hear about your sad fungus fiasco. But good news! According to the TSA site, travelers with medical conditions may bring gels and liquids related to their condition, just so long as these items are declared if they exceed 3 ounces and are not contained in a one-quart plastic bag. So it should be no problem. However, given all the many reports of TSA inconsistencies, it's probably a good idea to bring along a note from your doctor, even if your medication is labeled, just to be on the absolute safe side. Especially if traveling overseas.

You can find more on this over on the TSA's site. Good luck!

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