Usually, no advance purchase fares cost a small fortune. But right this very second, UA is having an unadvertised no advance purchase sale to Sydney, Australia. Now we realize that most people don't pack up and go at a moment's notice; but some do. Illness in the family, the grandkid just arrived, a sudden business meeting... or perhaps you're just a pack up and go type. Qantas is matching this sale more or less, although we've found their fares are a bit higher. In the comments below, you'll see that some people are bashing United...but remember, their fare drop refund policy is much better than Qantas'.

See what we've found here.

Also, it's summer time down under! But be warned, they're having a record scorching heat wave!

Below is an example that we just pulled from UA's web site. As you can see, we're leaving Portland OR at 1.14 PM PT today!  Well, we're not really leaving but we could. Actually, Tracy is leaving for Sydney tomorrow (sigh) via Honolulu. Also, these fares are pretty good, and you can leave from almost any United US city. This is but one more example why it's not always just the fare price that matters and why we at AFWD always look at the fare rules too.

Feb 3 UPDATE: This fare sale is still going strong. These are VERY good fares for travel to Australia when it's summer down under.

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