NYC to DC: Plane, Train, or Bus?

Q. My girlfriend and I are flying from Phoenix to New York City in mid-May, and we'd ilke to visit DC for a few days too. What's the best way to go about this? Train? Bus? Plane?

A. We'd choose Amtrak over flying between NYC and DC, any day, hands down. You can leave straight from Manhattan's Penn Station to DC's Union Station, both of which are incredibly convenient and easily accessible by public transport. By the time you factor in airport traffic, check-in, security lines, both trips will run you about the same in travel time, but we find the train to be, well, way less annoying. Relaxing, even! Sure, Penn Station has all the charm of a gas station toilet, but, eh. Can't win 'em all. Union Station on the other hand? Pretty snazzy stuff!