Q. I recently flew Delta from Cincinnati to San Diego, and became asthmatic when a passenger seated near me decided to paint her fingernails. My seatmate also complained of a headache due to the fumes. When asked to put it away, the passenger grudgingly obliged. According to a flight attendant, there used to be a law prohibiting nail polish, but not anymore. Seems strange not to treat chemical fumes with the same consideration given to peanut allergens. Also, what about dogs? Many people are allergic, yet I saw at least three brought into the cabin in small carryons. How is this?

A. Although there have been issues with nail polish in the past, it is allowed, just so long as it doesn't exceed three ounces. Still, we'd like to think that passengers would exercise consideration and a little common sense. No one wants to be bombarded with overpowering odors, be it nail polish or (our least favorite) smuggled-aboard Whoppers with the extra onions. 

As for the pets, Delta probably raked in $900 in fees (at $300 round-trip), so we don't imagine they'll scrap that anytime soon.

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