Breaking news: We've come across a whole heap of wacky low fares this morning from Northwest, Delta, and United, good for travel through April 30. This little sale is totally unadvertised and will most likely vanish before the day is done, if not before. We're talking Crazy Eddie, used car lot, everything-must-go, under $100 round-trip! See for yourself:

  • Philadelphia to San Antonio $86 round-trip
  • Baltimore to Orlando $70 round-trip
  • Philadelphia to Las Vegas $101 round-trip
  • Buffalo to Orlando $97 round-trip
  • Akron to Tampa $82 round-trip
  • Buffalo to Tampa $85 round-trip
  • Milwaukee to Baltimore $64 round-trip
  • Milwaukee to Boston $78 round-trip
  • Philadelphia to Ft Lauderdale $63 round-trip

Don't see your town up there? Don't sweat it. These fares are available on other routes as well, and we'll be posting 'em as we find 'em. To see what's available from your home airport, just check out your city page.

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