Incredibly low fares from/to Florida on Allegiant and other airlines

Must be the recession, because we're noticing unusually low fares from the Northeast and Midwest to Florida right now.

Allegiant Airlines has some fares as low as $29 each way on their nonstop flights to Orlando (Sanford), St. Pete/Clearwater, and Ft. Lauderdale. Allegiant is also starting new service to Punta Gorda, FL (Charlotte County Airport), which is also served by DirectAir. The new service begins in early March with fares as low as $59 each way from Greenville, SC and $69 each way from Knoxville. As a reminder, Allegiant's fares are not listed on Kayak, Orbitz, Travelocity and such. We research and include them however in our fare listings.

But other airlines are also offering cheap fares to Florida for mid-winter travel.