We've seen 88 cent fat finger fares before but this is the first negative fat finger fare. Too good to be true? We'll see. Alisa, one of our fare analysts, booked a flight from Ft. Myers to Milwaukee and fully expects USA3000 to send her a check for 99 cents. Just kidding, she's not holding her breath, but if you live in Milwaukee and want to get away somewhere cheap this winter, you can combine $79 fares from Milwaukee to Ft. Myers, and -99 centers on the return (it only works Ft. Myers-Milwaukee, sorry, and you have to act fast before they fix this). We suspect that USA3000 will have to honor round-trip purchases, but don't really expect them to pay  anyone 99 cents! Or who knows, maybe they will.

And here's Alisa's booking, just for fun.

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