Q. Due to a family emergency, I need to purchase a one-way ticket, since I'm not sure of when I might return. The problem is, it seems you only list round-trip fares. Is it possible to book these for one-way at half their round-trip price, or no?

A. Our links are pre-set for one traveler for a round-trip ticket, but it's a simple process to book other travel plans. To book one-way ("OW") tickets and/or multiple travelers you can apply the same process:  Find an itinerary and available dates that suit you.  Write down or remember the aforesaid itinerary and dates.  Go back to the home page of the booking site and reset your search parameters for a one-way ticket or for more than one traveler.  Enter the available dates and desired itinerary and voila! Also, in our fare details, we specify which fares are available one-way at half their round-trip price.

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