Our friends at The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and The Ad Council have joined forces to get the word out to airline passengers about "why" some procedures need to be implemented at the security checkpoints. It is no coincidence that they started pushing this ad campaign now, since the busiest travel week of the year is upon us. An estimated 24 million people will travel during the Thanksgiving holiday week.

TSA Assistant Administrator for Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Ellen Howe wants passengers to understand what they are in store for when they arrive at the airport. "TSA encourages passengers to know the rules and be prepared when they reach the security checkpoint. Your safety is the priority of our security officers and you can contribute to a smoother process at the checkpoint."

Here are a few of the questions TSA have answered on their website:

Why do I have to take off my shoes?

Why do I have to put my three ounce liquids in a zip-top plastic bag?

For all the lovely rules put into place to ensure a more enjoyable experience at the airport, check out TSA.gov.

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