Q. I have my Christmas holiday flights booked and paid for on Sun Country.  Now I hear there's a good chance that they will be going out of business.  Do you know if that's true and if so, what can I do to get a refund?  Is there any way to get a refund now so I can book flights on another airline?  I have a house rented and must get there.

A. Sun Country did indeed file for bankruptcy protection last week but they're still flying. So, unless you purchased fully refundable tickets you'll have to wait until they declare full on chapter 7 bankruptcy.  At that point, if they discontinue flights and no one else offers to fly their customers you can use the Fair Credit Billing act.  This piece of legislation states that if you notify your credit card company within 60 days of a charge appearing on your credit card statement that you wish to contest a charge for services or goods not delivered, the credit card company will refund the charge to you.  But remember, it must be within 60 days of the charge appearing on the statement.

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