Q. I am Canadian citizen who is studying in medicine in Grenada. I am thinking about taking a 4 day vacation to Las Vegas with a friend. I noticed that if I book a return ticket from Grenada to Las Vegas, it is about $1300 USD per person and has 3 stop overs. However, I found that American Airlines fly out of Port of Spain(POS) in Trinidad and Tobago to Las Vegas for $650 return. Now, I can get to POS for $200 USD and back to Grenada for $200 USD. So over all this trip would cost me $850 USD and I would save a lot of money. I checked and confirm that Canadian citizens don't need visa to enter Trinidad and Tobago or the US. If I do book these two tickets separately and travel, could I be in any form of trouble?

A. There's no reason why you can't do this split ticket strategy. The only downside is that if there's a delay on any of your flights, American will not be very sympathetic in helping you make the connecting flights or re-scheduling your onward flights at your original fare. They would be more so if you had a "through" single ticket. So be sure to leave plenty of time to make the connections in POS... as much time as schedules will allow. It's often true that buying two separate fares when flying to or from the Caribbean, sometimes on two different airlines, will save you a lot of money.

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