Mike writes: "
How come you have not commented on the return of American Airlines flights on Kayak.com? You were all over them when they took them off...I am curious what happened. Did American blink or did Kayak."
Well you're right, Mike, we were all over them, and you're right we should have followed up.
So it looks like Kayak "blinked" as you put it, since now if you click on an American Airlines fare on Kayak you're sent directly to aa.com and not to Orbitz, where you'd pay an additional fee. 
By the way, if you're wondering why in some cases Airfarewatchdog.com sends you to Travelocity and Cheapair rather than to the airlines directly, it's because many of the fares we list can only be found if you do a flexible date search, sometimes over a 330 day range, and only Travelocity and Cheapair give you a 330 flexible date view of domestic airfares. 
But Kayak near as we can figure out sent people to Orbitz just to make a few bucks (hey, if they sent you to Orbitz's 30 day flexible date view, that would at least add some value, and we have nothing against Orbitz, which is a very useful site for finding fares, especially international ones, on a flexible date basis, even though it requires you do do multiple 30 day searches rather than giving you a 330 day view). And yes, Web sites have to make a few bucks, I realize, although the ones that pre-check multiple searches by default, causing a dozen pop up windows to appear on your computer (each one earning the site a few cents) are way over doing it, IMHO.


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