Hey, look what we launched this week! It's Airfarewatchdog.co.uk, for the folks in the UK! And it can be a big help to you too, when you're planning your next 'cross-the-pond jaunt. Say you want to fly from your hometown airport to Valletta, Malta but fares are looking impossibly high.

And let's face it: Fares from your town to Malta are probably always going to be a little up there. Ah, but then you notice that the flights from your town to London are totally doable. And how much is it onward from London to Malta? Airfarewatchdog UK has found a $31 round-trip fare from London to Valletta, and that's including all taxes (all fares listed on the UK site are all-inclusive, although be warned, UK airlines have come up with extra fees that we haven't even dreamed of here in the US, such as a fee for checking in at the airport instead of online at home, and using a credit or debit card!).

The same painstaking research, fares that other sites miss

You'll notice that the UK site looks very much like the US site, and that we have low fares and airlines that other sites don't bother with, such as easyJet and Ryanair. When we find a low fare, we send you right along to the selling airline's web site, no middleman. That's because the cheapest UK airlines are just like Southwest and Allegiant here in the US: they only sell their best fares on their own sites.

We've definitely planned our fare share of trips by booking inexpensive connections through London, and saved ourselves a heap of money by doing so. If you've got your eye on a specific destination that you'd like to track fares to via London (Gatwick,StanstedLutonHeathrow, or elsewhere in the UK), sign up for our UK City to City Alerts and/or newsletter.

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