No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

Travelocity is fooling around (some would say screwing around) with their airfare search user interface for flexible date searches. It's currently in beta. On the plus side, it shows fares with all taxes. But now you must choose the length of your trip to see fare results. And it only shows one month at a time.

Some people will love this new feature, others (those of us who just want to see the very lowest fare between two cities, assuming we're totally flexible in our dates, over a 330 day period) will hate it.

Travelocity seems to have anticipated the antipathy of the latter group (us) so there's a link at the bottom right of the calendar that you can click if you don't like this new feature. Also, if you click the "next" arrow box (in brown) at the top right, you'll eventually get to a full 330 day fare result.

This beta version only pops up in some city pair searches for now, but we suspect they'll be rolling it out site-wide eventually.

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