Q. We are taking our family on a cruise for our 50th wedding anniversary. In April I booked flights for 10 family members on CheapoAir. Yesterday after hearing that Midwest had been canceling some flights, I called to find out that the flight had been canceled. I was not notified by either the ticket agent, or the airlines. The flight is not until the 25th of December, but doesn't someone have an obligation to rebook those tickets that I payed for already?

A. Yep, they must either rebook you or issue a refund, which of course could result in your having to pay a lot more should you have to book new tickets. Although we hope they'll be able to rebook your entire party on the same flight, it may be easier for the airline (and less of a headache for you to have the matter resolved) to split your 10 up on two or so flights, wherever seats are available. So try to be flexible about the rebooking process.

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