Close but no Cigar

Q. A friend would like to celebrate her 60th birthday with a trip to Cuba in October. She lives in Delray Beach, Florida. What can you suggest?

A. Birthday or no, Uncle Sam still frowns upon- nay, strictly prohibits - casual jaunts down to Cuba.  Get busted breaking the law and you we mean your friend could face some hefty fines. However, if she has family in Cuba, or is engaged in some sort of educational, religious, or humanitarian endeavor, she can apply for a license from the US Government here.

There's been quite a bit of fuss recently over Florida travel agents who specialize in charters for Cuban-Americans. And meanwhile, in Canada, low cost carrier Sunwing Airlines will begin flights from Windsor, Ontario (conveniently south of Detroit) to Varadero, Cuba starting December 18. Just saying.