Q. Back in May, I booked a flight on Frontier, which had no second bag fee. I got to my destination without any hassle. However, coming back two weeks later, Frontier had cancelled my flight, and switched me over to a different airline which had a 2nd bag fee. I screamed bloody murder and told them I had contracted with a carrier that had no second bag fee and brought two bags in reliance on that understanding. The attendants on airline number 2 told me they would allow me to check my two bags, free of charge this time, because their second bag fee didn't formally go into effect until June.

Can they really get away with applying their bag fees to passengers passed off from other airlines?

A. Bottom line: You booked a ticket that included no 2nd bag fee. If airline number 2 had insisted on charging you the fee, then Frontier should have taken care of the charge for you. And if this is all prior to the start date of airline number 2's second bag fee, then there's no reason why they should have expected you to pay it at all.

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