Q: I flew on Spirit from Florida to Puerto Rico.  It was the best fare I found. Now, I receive periodic emails proclaiming rediculously low fares - such as $9 each way.  I have not had the time to pursue the factualness of these claims.  Is there anything to these low fares? What kinds of restrictions?

A: Yes, you can really book those fares, but typically there are only available on a few travel days (sometimes as few as 4 days in each direction). Sometimes it's hard to create a reasonable 7 to 10 day itinerary and get the $9 fare in both directions (you might need to stay a month, for example, to get $18 round trip), but you'll save money anyway.

Also, sometimes you need to be a member of Spirit's $9 Fare Club in order to get these deals. Airfarewatchdog joined the club in order to be able to test these fares, and we do indeed find they're available as long as you are flexible in your travel dates and book your seats as soon as the sale is announced.

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