Q: Do airlines allow passengers to bring their own booze onto the plane? I was thinking of putting some shot bottles of alcohol into my carryon and mixing my own drinks. Will the TSA object to this? What are the rules?

A: As long as the bottles are 3 ounces or less, the TSA won't object. Airlines are another matter. In general, they have rules that only flight attendants are allowed to serve alcohol. (This is no doubt to ensure that passengers don't get plastered and unruly, although truth be told it does eat into their onboard sales.) Technically, if you bring booze on board, some airlines require that you hand it over to the flight attendant, but what busy flight attendant is going to want to be mixing you free cocktails on demand? In practice, probably no one is going to bother you if you quietly add some vodka to your bloody Mary mix. Just drink sensibly and be discreet.

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