Q. I am SICK of paying for airport Wi-Fi. Most of the time I only need to go online for a few minutes, yet I end up shelling out the $8 or more for a Wi-Fi daypass. And between connections, when I'm short on time, I don't have the patience to fumble around registering and typing in my credit card number. So on a recent trip to Columbia, South Carolina, I was pleased to see that the Columbia Metropolitan Airport offers free Wi-Fi. What other airports are doing this? And why can't they all just throw us this one bone?

A. That really bugs us too! But we're glad to see that so many airports are beginning to offer free Wi-Fi these days. It's the least they could do, after all. Jaunted.com keeps a map of both domestic and international airports where free WiFi is available. If you know of a Wi-Fi airport that hasn't been included, they do encourage tips.   

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