Think your last flight failed to measure up? Read this trip report from Kay in Marquette:

"My daughter was charged an additional $50 for 2 lbs over. We paid it and then when we arrived in Green Bay we had no luggage. We asked for a $50 refund since the luggage didn't arrive when we did we should be compensated. they said no and they would mail us our luggage when and if they would arrive. We waited 4 1/2 hours for the next flight to come in and retrieve our luggage as we still had a 3 hour drive to get home and we needed our belongings."

Great work, Northwest.

And then there was the TSA in Minneapolis. "The battle witch who was selected to check me was very rude and frankly a nasty person. I was wearing a metal, plastic and neopreen knee brace on my leg due to an injury and she treated me as if I was a nasty criminal. Even the male security people wondered why she was behaving so nasty. She wanted to take me to the private security area to strip search me. The male guard told her to just wipe the bottom of my splint with a cloth and then let me go if it was negative.You are told to put all your belongings in bins to be checked and then to wait in a glass booth till someone comes to get you. I watched as people walked by my belongings and anyone could have walked off with my purse watch money id cards and jacket. When they opened the glass door for me to walk thru to be checked, I reached for the tray to make sure that my belongings would be safe the TSA female yelled at me that she hadn't given me permission to touch my things. I looked at my daughter and she picked them up for me. Then the TSA asked where my things were and I told her my daughter had them. Aren't we supposed to keep our belongings in our site at all times? I am 56, female, walking with a cane and Knee brace. I don't think I would be going anywhere to fast. The lady kept patting me down everywhere. I just came from my daughters wedding and must say this is the only rude person I have found thru my whole trip to Texas. It is the first time I had met a nasty TSA. Thru this whole experience I kept my mouth shut and smiled pleasantly and obeyed her directions and she still behaved quite nasty. She then said "Have a nice day." I realize that TSAs are important but one does not have to be nasty. It was 7am and a really long day after that."

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