So we've gotten quite a few negative emails about spunky little Spirit Airlines lately. They allow a lot of people to fly for next to nothing with their $3 and 3 cent fares. But some of you are not happy campers.

Here are two of them:

From Robert in Michigan:

"What has been your experience with Spirit Airline customer service ? I tried to cancel my $ 9 Fare trail membership as it reverts to a $40.00 membership after 90 day, Repeated attempts to contact by phone we unsucesssful after 20 minute plus calls being placed on hold with no one answering. I the tried canceling on line and they stated that they did not recognize me as a customer. The small print staets that it takes 4-6 weeks to cancel but they immediately processed my cc when I signed up. Spoke with a co worker who stated she had a similar experience. If you've had other complaints you would be doing your readers a huge favor by letting them know that Spirit is definetly not customer friendly."

and from Sam in California:

"In Re: Spirit Airlines $6.00 R/T fares on 08/26/2008. I booked 4 R/T tickets and the fee was charged by Spirit on my credit card. A hard copy of the flights, fees, credit card charge and passengers are in my possession via a download. After the charges were made to my card a code # 1018 stated that "we were unable to reserve the selected flight(s) at this time. Please select another flight(s). This disingenuous act is nothing short of a bait and switch tactic which is illegal. I took advantage of a deeply discounted airfare and it seems crystal clear that Spirit did not want to sell me these tickets at the advertised price. If the fare/seats were not available then my credit card should not have been charged. I would strongly suggest that your credibility would be at risk should you continue to mention any further 'Deals' from Spirit Airlines. I contacted the airline at 800-772-7117 and spoke with Ivan located in India who told me to take up this issue with my credit card issuer. I asked to speak to his supervisor and have been put on hold for the last 28 minutes without any additional contact. I recognize that this airline has poor customer service nevertheless one should expect and receive decent levels of communication.  This whole scenario reeks of a potential bankruptcy filing after obtaining funds under false pretenses. The total length of time I was put on hold was 45 minutes and 55 seconds. I called again and explained the situation to "Vic," who transfer me to a supervisor and said my wait would be 2-3 minutes and would stay on the line until the supervisor came in contact with me. This call lasted 13 minutes and 24 seconds before they disconected from me."

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