We have honestly not seen any airline do this before. JetBlue is offering really cheap sale fares to various destinations, but only in one direction and only for one day of travel (travel days vary depending on route). Fares are available only on their site. And a note on their site says, "Offers change daily. Be sure to check back each day."

This is new, new, new. The fares, although they will probably only help a few people are really low (moving to Orlando and you were thinking of leaving on September 12? Well, change it to September 10 and fly for $49!).  Actually, you can combine a cheap one way fare with a more expensive fare in the other direction, and save some cash, so as long as you have flexible travel dates, this could be a bargain

Fares are as low as $19 (Long Beach to Sacramento one way on September 16) and range up to $99 (Long Beach to Boston on October 20). Perhaps JetBlue looked at their inventory and saw a bunch of undersold flights and decided what the heck. The sale is titled, "Seven Days of Super Low Fares to Lots of Destinations" but it's not clear when the last day of sale is. Seven days from now? Or will they change the fares daily over the next seven days?

We'll be watching this very closely. In our humble opinion, more and more airlines will be bypassing the Kayaks and selling super low fares only on their own sites, as American, Southwest, Allegiant, and Spirit already do.
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