Now that checked bag fees have quickly become the norm among cash-poor carriers, are pay-to-lay blankets and pillows bound to be the next big thing? It was only last week that JetBlue announced plans for $7 blankets and pillows aboard flights exceeding 2 hours, and now comes word that US Airways will soon follow. The price of their kit has yet to be determined, but - unless we're talking a 4 zillion thread count fancy-pants cotton - it's probably somewhere in the same $7 ballpark as JetBlue.

Personally, after a flight home last week where I encountered what was probably the saddest looking, hardest working, airplane blanket in the history of all airplane blanketry (no, really, it was bad), shelling out a few bucks for a fresh one doesn't sound so bad to me. Heck, I would have paid $7 just for a pair of salad tongs to remove this blanket from my floor space without having to use my actual human hands!

What about you? Would you be willing to part with $7 for a clean new blanket and pillow? Or do you prefer to cart along your own sleepytime stuff from home? Feel free to discuss below!

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