Q. We're traveling with our kids to Miami during school vacation next February, planning to leave Friday February 13 and returning Sunday February 22. We do this trip every year, and fares seem higher than they've ever been. Will there be a sale? Should be wait to book? Your advice please.

A: You are traveling over a very peak period, and on a Friday and Sunday, no less.

Fares are not going to come down over a school vacation period. Plus, do you really want the middle seats by the lavatory? Wouldn't you like to all sit together? And wouldn't it be nice to not be stuck on the 5 AM departure connecting through Atlanta?

There will always be unadvertised buy it quick fare reductions (otherwise, Airfarewatchdog would go out of business). But not over peak holiday, school vacation, and spring break travel periods. So swallow hard and plunk down your credit card.

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