"United Airlines says it will start requiring minimum stays for nearly all domestic flights starting in October. It is also raising its cheapest fares by as much as $90 one-way.

The second-largest U.S. carrier says the moves are among a number of changes it is making to combat record high fuel prices.

Spokeswoman Robin Urbanski says the Chicago-based airline's new lowest available fares range from $69 to $199 one-way, based on length of the flight.

Starting October 6, most United fares will require a one- to three-night or weekend-night minimum stay."

I think what they mean to say is that most non-refundable fares will require a minimum stay. What this means, of course, is that business travelers hoping to do same day or 1-night stay business trips will not be able to use the cheapest fares.

However, we don't expect that "low cost" (what we used to call low cost) carriers such as Southwest, Jetblue, Airtran, and Allegiant will follow suit. These airlines sell all their seats one-way for half the lowest round-trip fare.

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