Q: I love your site and use it daily whenever looking for the best airfare.  I don’t fly often but when I do, your site has become an essential resource.  Thank you for your invaluable information.  Now I need your personal assistance.  I voluntarily bumped from a Northwest flight and was given a free flight voucher which I can no longer find.  I booked the flight using my WorldPerks number, but my number was not associated with the voucher.  Someone at WorldPerks said there is no way to find the voucher and that I had to find it myself or loose it.  I called Customer Care at 701-420-6282 and tried every option but could not reach a live person at any extension.  What can I do?  Thanks for your help.

A: Unfortunately, you're out of luck here. Vouchers are like cash. Some airlines are now issuing electronic vouchers, which they would email to you, and these are harder to lose unless you forever delete the email and neglect to write down the voucher number. But if it's a paper voucher and you lose it, there's no recourse.

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