Q. I am going on my honeymoon to Turks & Caicos in November and am interested in buying a day pass to an airport lounge. Do I have to have a ticket on a particular airline in order to access their lounge, or is it enough to just purchase a day pass? And what about international carriers? if I'm hanging out in JFK on my way to London on, say, American Airlines, can I go to the Emirates counter and buy a single-use lounge pass from Emirates? Who has the best food and amenities? Booze? We're on our honeymoon for crying out loud... it's time to party!

A. As long as you cough up that day pass fee, which varies according to carrier, you can access certain lounges regardless of what airline your ticket is with. For example, American charges $50 for a single visitor day pass to its Admirals Club, $75 for single visitor plus one, and $100 for a single plus two. And $30 will get you into the Delta Crown Room. As for the lounges of most international carriers, like Emirates , they don't exactly open their doors for anyone who flashes a few twenties at the door, no siree. For Emirates, if you're not a first or business class passenger, you have to be a Skywards gold or silver member.

If it's a cheery party atmosphere you're after, nothing says 'Get Crunk, Romantical Honeymoon' like a roomfull of ill-fitting suits slurping free Sanka. For something a little more glamorous, you may find the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK to be more your speed. In addition to their own, Virgin Atlantic allows access to Virgin America first class passengers and EleVate members (so join!)  for $30 - $40.

For more info and photos of airport lounges, check out the LoungeGuide Wiki page.

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