This definitely is news. A couple of years ago, the DOT told Travelocity not to show fare search results for international fares in their "flexible date" searches, unless they included all taxes and fuel surcharges, or at least clearly stated that they were not included (and that they could add hundreds to the fares Travelocity showed).

Well lo and behold, at least of this writing, Travelocity has re-enabled flexible international search. In our tests, not all international routes are active.

We found the DOT's edict well-intentioned but unfair, especially since ther are so many airfare listing sites that show international fares before the charges, and ESPECIALLY since airlines are allowed to advertise international fares without the surcharges.

The big deal is that only Travelocity offered a full 330 day range in its searches for international fares (Orbitz, Cheaptickets, and so on only do 30 day periods at a time).

As with all Travelocity search results, the fare you see in initial results may not be available at all, or on just a few dates of travel, but it's still a useful place to start searching and we're glad to have it back, if even on just some routes.

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