Q. I've noticed a lot of airlines are now selling flight insurance when you buy your ticket. Should I buy from them, or use a company like TravelGuard or Access America?

A. We suggest buying coverage straight from the insurance company (a reputable one, of course), instead of the airline, because you may not be covered should your carrier go bankrupt. Of course, this all depends on the policy. For example, coverage purchased from Spirit Airlines through AIG/TravelGuard will protect you in the event of financial default. Meanwhile, AirTran's travel insurance through CSA does not cover financial default. Considering the recent string of airlines to go belly-up, it's definitely something you'll want to make certain you're covered for. Another point to keep in mind: You may find it  difficult  to near impposible to  purchase trip insurance if you're airline has already declared bankruptcy, such as Frontier.

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