Q. I have a follow up question about airline baggage fees. I am flying on Northwest Airlines from Fairbanks to Seattle and then Amsterdam and finally to Bergen, Norway. I own a place in Norway, but since it is so extremely expensive there I bring everything I can with me and therefore travel very heavily. I am wondering if my baggage, 2 per person, all of which will be over 50 pounds, will be charged a one time fee in Fairbanks, or charged three times for the three different connections that we will be making?

A. As long as your travel is on the same airline and on the same ticket, you'll be charged just once. And I believe you'll be charged at the domestic rate since your trip began in the US. However, if you change airlines and buy a separate ticket to Bergen, you may be charged again. But I'm guessing you're buying a through fare on Northwest/KLM. On the way back, you'll be charged again if you bring a heavy suitcase home with you, and that may be at international rates depending on airline and route. To avoid surprises, I'd contact Northwest/KLM to see what the charges will be heading home. I've heard stories of overweight bag charges on foreign airlines costing more than the fare itself.

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