Q. I was wondering if you think it is important to have flight insurance. I have a trip to Maui coming up in June and I'd hate for anything to happen, especially with all the recent problems with American Airlines. Do you recommend insurance and, if so, can I still get it after booking my flights?

A. Yes, yes, yes! It's extreeeeemely important to purchase travel insurance, even for those routine little domestic jaunts. In addition to your flight being potentially canceled due to mechanical (or the oh-so-hot-right-now Chapter 11) snafus, there could be weather issues, you might suddenly be too ill to travel, or you might have car trouble and miss your flight. Travel insurance can also cover lost or stolen luggage, and emergency medical evacuation too. Of course policies vary in coverage and price, but you never know what wrenches fate may toss your way. You can still purchase travel insurance after buying your ticket, although some policies diminish  coverage if purchased too close to your departure date, so the sooner the better. We suggest checking out Travelguard.com, and no matter what type of trip insurance you choose, read the fine print!

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