Q. What do you mean when I see OW and RT next to a fare? And what about when you list something as being "OW for 1/2 fare?" I see a lot of other abbreviations in the fare details that I can't quite crack, like UA? SW? Please explain, as I'm a new to the site.

A. OW stands for one-way and RT stands for round-trip. So when we list a round-trip fare as being available "OW for 1/2 fare", that just means that you can purchase this fare for one-way at half the cost of the round-trip fare.

As for UA and SW, those are airline codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association, not us. UA stands for United Airlines, SW is Southwest Airlines, YX is Midwest Airlines, G4 is Allegiant Air, FL is AirTran, and so on. You can find a list of frequently used airline codes here.

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