Here are a couple of great summer fares to [AirportCity]. Keep in mind that you can often add the cost of a reasonable connecting flight from your home town to take advantage of these fares and still come out far ahead.

Important note: These fares are not available to [AirportCity] but to a nearby airport and will not appear below. You will have to go to our Boston fare page and scroll down to the international section to see them.

Important note for subscribers to Berlin Schonefeld, Milan Linate and Paris Orly airport alerts: you are receiving this alert because fares are available to Berlin Tegel, Milan Malpensa or Paris Charles de Gaulle airports, but you need to follow the respective links to see these fares on our web site. Since we rarely find fares to these secondary airports, we advice you to update your airport alert selection to include or substitute these other, primary international airports.

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Here are the latest airfares we've found to [AirportCity].

Remember, if you're looking for a good deal on a specific route, be sure to sign up for our City-to-City alerts so we can let you know when we find something good. Even if you don't live near a major international airport, your best chance of being notified will be to include a primary international gateway you would be most likely and willing to connect through. Monitoring airfares from any of these airports will alert you to sales that may also extend to your hometown or, if not, be worthwhile for you to arrange your own connection to take advantage of.

Here's a table of international gateway cities sorted by destination and listed in order of significance. Note that our "city-to-city" alerts are actually airport-specific so in order to get all alerts to and from cities with more than one international airport you need to sign up for multiple "airport-to-airport" alerts. For example, from New York to London we suggest you sign up for alerts from both New York JFK and LaGuardia as well as Newark to both London Heathrow and Gatwick, for a total of 6 separate routes.

Middle East
Central America
South America

New York
Miami Los Angeles
Boston Ft. Lauderdale San Francisco
Washington D.C. Los Angeles New York
Philadelphia New York Chicago
Chicago Houston Seattle
Atlanta Dallas Portland

Also please keep these pointers in mind:

  • Check often. We add and update international airfares all day long, so if any of the links included below do not take you to a more detailed fare page, please check back again later in the day or the next day (or, on weekends, the following Monday).
  • Taxes are included. Almost all international airfares we list include taxes, so what you see is what you'll pay, no annoying surprises, come-ons or teaser rates here!
  • Be flexible. The best international fares are usually only available for mid-week travel during off-peak periods. With few exceptions, you should expect to pay more for weekend or holiday travel.
  • Be persistent. Some international airfares can be very difficult to find. If a fare is marked either "scarce" or "limited" it means that it is available for less than 5 or 10 days, respectively, during any given month.
  • Be sensible. We generally search for international trips with durations of 7-10 days, so if your travel dates differ significantly, the fares you find may also be very different.
  • Be discriminating. Many factors influence airfares and the definition of a "good deal" depends on numerous external and personal circumstances. Keep in mind that there can be a big difference between a relatively good fare (i.e., the best price currently available for a given time period between any two points) and the absolutely best fare (i.e., the lowest price of the season). While we will usually tell you when a fare is truly a great bargain, we cannot limit our listings to only those rare best fares, so it is up to you to make the final judgment.
  • Be kind. We pride ourselves on our honest, hard work to provide you with the best information and guide you to the best deals, but we cannot guarantee the availability of any fare. While we have no interest in misleading you with bogus data, airfares do change all the time and errors sometimes unfortunately occur.
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