Q. I had to cancel a flight with AA because I had a terrible case of strep throat. Is there any way around the $100 cancellation fee. I only paid about $150 for the ticket, but it still stinks. I physically was unable able to get on the plane. Can I show them a doctors note? Prescription for antibiotics? Anything?

A. This is always done on a case by case basis, and for some people the hassle is just not worth $100. Airlines get fake "doctor's notes" all the time so they are very wary. If this happened to me, I'd probably just say the heck with it, but if I had the time, I'd back up my claim with something more convincing than a doctor's note, such as a copy of my medical record for this medical emergency, any receipts for expenses incurred, an Rx, and so on. Even this might not help, but at least you'd be assured that you did everything possible.

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