Q. I am surprised that nowhere on the site do you mention ITA software's QPX for fare searching. It seems to be the only site where you can check fares for a whole month at a time to find out which dates are cheapest - all the others make you plug in dates first. However, it does require you to give your proposed length of trip. Since I am retired and can travel at any time, I would love to find a site that would show me the cheapest airfare AND the dates when it was available, without making me specify how long I want to stay. Any ideas?

A. Actually, Cheaptickets and Orbitz both run on ITA, so you can search both domestic and US to International fares there a month at a time. It's really the same thing, except that you can't actually book travel on ITA.

Hotwire also now allows 30 day searches, and also mixes in their special lower fares where you don't know what airline you'll be flying until you book.

Also, Travelocity lets you search the lowest possible fare 330 days in advance for domestic flights only as does Cheapair.com.

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