Q: Hi there, I'm a frequent user of airfarewatchdog, and was delighted to find that you had links to a relatively inexpensive flight to D.C. However, when I clicked through to Travelocity to purchase the ticket, I could only buy 1 (needed 2). If I tried to order 2, the price went up. I called Travelocity and the guy said he guessed the flights were full and I was looking at the last seat. Frustrated, I called Delta and was able to get 2 tickets on what the agent said was a nearly empty flight. Could you talk with Travelocity and ask why a purchaser can't purchase more than one ticket? (I can see that they don't want people buying up the farm, but 2 tix? C'mon!) Thanks, Alisan

A: You can buy more than one seat on Travelocity, but not if you go through our "deep" links directly, which are set for one seat. We provide these links to show you a calendar of when fares are most likely available, which saves frustration (we hope).

To get two seats, find the dates you want at the fare you want, make a note of them, and then click on the home tab in the upper left corner of the Travelocity page and then you will be able to choose any number of adults, minors, and seniors you need. This same procedure applies to Orbitz and other sites.

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