International Flexible Search

Q. Do you or any of your readers have any experience with My interest in them was the ability to search large date ranges (i.e. - months) for the cheapest fares for a trip that I am planning to Italy and Spain.

A. Why, yes, we do know of, and while our experience with them is pretty minimal, we have noticed that they do have some really great fares, as well as flexible date search. If you do use them, please let us know what you think. You can also search for international fares using flexible dates by visiting Travelocity's Singapore-based affiliate, Prices listed on this site are in US dollars, but we don't advise you to book on the site (for one thing, their booking fees are extraordinarily high compared to Travelocity's). Once you find the dates you want, simply go back to Travelocity US and use a specific date search to book. Uniquely, Zuji also does flexible searches for business and first class fares.