Q: I just found an unbelievable package on Expedia, but was a little wishy-washy about making the purchase. After doing the same search a few times to make sure the flights and hotels were to my liking, I went back to book the package. The price had increased! When my fiance went to book the same package she was able to get the bargain. So that got me thinking... does Expedia know how many times I searched? Does it only offer me good deals once (or twice) but then rescind the offer? I deleted all cookies on my browser and started over. Boom!! There was the bargain again.

A: This is a great question. We've noticed the same thing with Travelocity, too. You search for a fare, see the lowest offer, but don't book it, then surf somewhere else, go back to Travelocity and search the same fare, and it's gone. Clear your cookies, and there it is again.

Is this because Expedia and Travelocity figure that, hey, we showed you the fare, you didn't like it apparently, so next time you visit we won't waste your time showing you it again? You're absolutely right, it's a good idea to clear those cookies when searching on these sites.

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