Q. Which airport is the world's busiest? One minute I hear it's Chicago O'Hare, the next it's Atlanta, and then recently someone told me London Heathrow. So which is it?

A.Well, If you're measuring busy by the annual number of passengers, that title goes to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson. And if you measure business by the number of flights that come and go, Atlanta takes the crown for that as well. But O'Hare comes in at a close second.

And of course there are all sorts of other variations of busy to go around: London Heathrow has the highest number of international passengers while Franfurt serves the most international destinations and London Gatwick is the world's busiest single runway airport, in terms of passengers. World's largest airport? Hong Kong International.

Another notable runner up for world's largest airport is Berlin's Tempelhof, which was the very first airport to be accessible by subway in1927. And also, it's the world's second oldest operating (for now, at least) airport.

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