Bags You Could Live In

Q. My wife and I have planned a year long round-the-world and have been shopping for just the right luggage. Something durable but not too flashy would do just fine. Even a really good duffel. Suggestions?

A. Globe-Trotter is to luggage what Marks & Spencer is to underwear: It'll last you a lifetime. But a guarantee like that will set you back a little more than a 3-pack of under shorts. Each piece is hand made in England, and constucted of extremely sturdy light-weight vulcanfibre. And no, that has nothing to do with Dr. Spock, although if you're looking for celebrity endorsements, Queen Elizabeth II packed her fancy duds in a set, as did Winston Churchill. They make 'em in a rainbow of colors, of course, and with unnecessary leather trimming here and there, but it's not something you'd want to be seen wheeling through a Brazilian favela at 3am, trust us. For nonflashy, we'd stick to the original navy and black.

If it's a sturdy duffel you're looking for, Seattle based company Filson makes our favorite. Made of oil finish rugged twill and bridle leather, these bags are water repellent and can really go through the ringer. They make them in all sizes, with wheels or without, and in army green or khaki.