These are amazing deals, and must be purchased by Dec 13.

  • Fares shown are each-way fares and must be purchased on a roundtrip basis.
  • Tickets must be purchased by December 13, 2007 23:59 EST and by 20:59 PST.
  • Fares are valid for departures from January 8, 2008 to February 29, 2008 and from April 1, 2008 to April 30, 2008 (unless otherwise indicated on the site)
  • Days of the week/flights and other conditions may also apply.

By the way, do you notice the relatively new "promotion code" box on Air Canada's booking area? We haven't come across any promo codes yet, but it just goes to show you that promo code fares are in the works on more and more airlines. After all, if American Airlines is doing it, why won't the others follow?

We checked one route to see if these fares were really only available on Air Canada's site, and really good deals. Halifax to London Heathrow nonstop for April travel (which typically isn't a discount travel period) was advertised at $125 each way plus tax. But hidden in that deal is a $210 fuel surcharge, and over $100 in taxes (all US$) for a total of $598 RT. Still not a bad fare for nonstop flights in April, but hardly $250 RT.

On Travelocity US, the same flight and dates would cost you $755 all included.

Since the Canadian and US dollars are more or less at parity, we won't bother doing a conversion for our Canadian visitors, but the bottom line is that even with the extras these are good fares, and they are only available on Air Canada's site.

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