Q. I am getting married in April and have booked flights to my (domestic) destination. My question is, can I carry on my wedding dress? I do not want to pack it in a suitcase, for obvious reasons, and also would not feel confident that my dress will arrive wrinkle free if packed in a garment bag. I have only one day before the wedding from arrival, so I need to make sure that my dress is perfect as I will not have time for a cleaning. Can I make arrangements ahead of time with the airline ( I am flying Skybus, good luck to me) or would I be able to hold it the whole time? Are there special rules and leniency for a stressed out bride?

A. This could be a problem. You'd have to put the dress in the overhead, where it would take up a ton of room. So the flight attendants may object, not to mention the other passengers. And since Skybus charges for checked luggage, people really fill those overheads. Perhaps you could arrange in advance to have the dress pressed upon your arrival. But we think with the right packing job ( think sturdy boxes or even trunks, garment bags, and a generous amount of tissue) you may not even need it. Sure, you could end up paying more in oversized baggage fees then you did for your actual ticket, what with their $10 fares, but hey, it beats having to wear it onboard! 

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