Budapest to Bucharest by Rail

Q. I'm planning a trip to Budapest, Hungary this winter and thought it might be fun to take a train down to Bucharest, Romania. The trouble is, I haven't been able to find much information online. No time tables, no info on ticket prices, etc. And how concerned should I be about theft?

A. Trains from Budapest to Bucharest usually depart from Keleti Station, and you can check departure times and fares at You're looking at about a 15 hour trip, so you may want to consider spending the extra money (about $35 more)  for a sleeping car.

Safety is a concern, sure, as much as it is in any city where tourists make easy targets. But no moustachioed man in poet's sleeves is going to take your gold fillings in the night. You can rest easy knowing that each car is assigned its very own conductor and, since this is an international route, security is pretty tight. Still, we'd make sure the door to your compartment locks properly, and if not, request to be switched.