Q. A few weeks back, you listed info for buying travel-sized toiletries. I seemed to have lost it somehow, and can't seem to find it on your site. Please help!!

A. Sure thing! Here you go:

  • Easy Traveler Inc.: Their "3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry on Kit" comes with squeeze tubes in different sizes, and one spray bottle. There are other packages that include syringes, tubes, and other tools to help you transfer liquids without making a huge mess. They even include some quart-sized zip-top bags to put all your containers in.

  • Minimus: You can order travel-sized everything here! From small deodorant bottles to miniature Pringles packages, you can find almost anything in a more compact size on this website.

  • The Container Store: You've probably seen the standard sized Nalgene water bottle, but did you know they make leak-proof travel sized containers too? They've got bottles in all shapes and sizes, and you'll certainly find bottles that carry less than 3oz. (so they're TSA approved for carry-on). You can find these, and some generic travel-sized containers at The Container Store.

Any of those should do it. Just remember to pull out the quart-sized bag of liquid containers before sending it through the X-Ray. And keep in mind, exceptions to the 3oz. rule may be made for medications, baby formula and food, and juice in "reasonable quantities." Declare these liquids at the security checkpoint. And most importantly, the checkpoint agent has the final say, no matter what the TSA website says, so if you don't absolutely need it, leave it at home or leave it with your checked luggage.

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